General Information

Autos and Trucks
A payment of an excise tax is required on all vehicles in the town of residence before registration. (We are unable to quote excise tax figures over the telephone because we need to see the appropriate paperwork to determine the correct excise tax.)

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SR22 Insurance Filers:  Inform us of your status before we begin your registration.  We will only be able to collect your excise tax and you will need to go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to complete your registration.  This applies to new registrations as well as renewals.

Titles:  Titles for vehicles 1995 and newer, you will need the back of the title signed by the previous owner/owners, current mileage and new owner information entered on the back of the title.

Transfers:  You can only receive excise tax credit on a transfer if you have sold or transferred ownership of the vehicle to another party.  Please bring your registration you are taking the credit from with you to the Town Office.

Insurance Card:  If you do not have a current insurance card, you can have your insurance company fax us a copy at (207) 724-6000.  There is a $1.00/page fax charge.

Renewing a registration

Motor vehicles renewals may be done at the Town Office. Please have proof of insurance and mileage for the vehicle.