Note: West Gardiner residents only.

Residents must meet all of these requirements to be eligible to purchase a resident hunting or fishing license:

  • Must be domiciled in Maine continuously for three months prior to applying for the license;
  • must be in compliance with Maine Income Tax Laws; 
  • if licensed to drive, must have made application for or possess a Maine Drivers license; 
  • all motor vehicles owned by applicant and located in Maine must be registered in Maine; and 
  • if registered to vote, applicant must be registered to vote in a Maine town.

Applicant must comply with all the rules mandated by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

New: Must bring evidence of a previous hunting (or archery) license or proof of completion of Maine Hunter Safety Course.

You can also do this online 24/7 by clicking here.

Contact: Town Clerk at 207-724-3945