Town Reports available now

Please note that due to costs this year, we will not be mailing books out. They will be available at the Town Office for pick up.  A virtual copy can be seen below as a PDF

The Town Reports are not at the office as of Thursday the 14th. They are being printed and as soon as they are available we will let everyone know if you would like to come and get one. Due to the rising cost of printing and mailing of the reports, then finding more than half of them being thrown away without even being opened, we have decided not to mail them out as in previous years. With that being said, if you are unavailable to come pick one up, please call the office and let us know that you would like one mailed and we would be more than happy to mail it to you as we as we do with registrations, forms, dog licenses, etc.

Again, please call the office to give us your name and address and those books will be sent right out when they come in.
Any questions, please call the office at 724-3945.